Booksellers breakdown

"Booksellers breakdown" Continued...

Issue: "2009 Books Issue," July 4, 2009

That is, of course, unless chocolate sells better-and that's exactly what some critics say has happened. Zondervan, for example, had a bestseller with Multiple Blessings, a book based on the reality television show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Kate Gosselin, the book's author, has since been accused of infidelity, and the family has been tabloid fodder for the past year. That's great for TV ratings and book sales, but it's not very "missional," to use the current buzzword for activities that are supposed to further an organization's purpose.

Another example: In 2007 Thomas Nelson signed Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' mother to do a book on raising her high-profile daughters. Nelson said the book was "delayed indefinitely" when the Spears sisters began having run-ins with the law and became poster children for bad behavior. Gina Dalfonzo on the Christian site breakpoint.org asked, "What in the name of all that is holy prompted Thomas Nelson to take Britney's mom's guide to parenting in the first place?"

Warren Cole Smith
Warren Cole Smith

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