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Tweeting their plight

"Tweeting their plight" Continued...

Few analysts are banking on results from an announcement this morning by Khamenei that he will direct Iran's Guardian Council to examine voter fraud claims. The move by Khamenei-who earlier welcomed and endorsed election results-is likely a way to buy time and gauge the strength of opposition to Ahmadinejad's reelection.

In contrast to the tumult reflected via Twitter and elsewhere, the Obama administration's response has been muted to the point of silence. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs delivered this statement Saturday afternoon: "Like the rest of the world, we were impressed by the vigorous debate and enthusiasm that this election generated, particularly among young Iranians. We continue to monitor the entire situation closely, including reports of irregularities." On Sunday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the administration was watching the results "with interest," and today Vice President Joe Biden told NBC, "There is an awful lot of questions about how this election was run."
For an update, see "More tweets from Iran."


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