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Issue: "Tiananmen massacre," June 6, 2009

Like family

To save money in these uncertain times, I contemplated not renewing my WORLD subscription. Then I read Marvin Olasky's article ("Crying out," April 11) and I knew that I couldn't not renew-you've become like family over the years.
-Stephanie Ellis Littleton, Colo.

Off-mat chivalry

John Piper's suggestion that boys forfeit wrestling matches against girls is brilliant ("Over my dead body, son," April 11). Imagine the message it would send to have a girl advance through the entire season and subsequent state tournament, winning every match by forfeit! It would be a hollow victory indeed and would speak volumes for the young men who prefer to dignify a lady rather than grapple with her.
-Jonathan Bentz Burnsville, Minn.

As a former wrestler and the father of a wrestler, I don't like co-ed wrestling. However, I would not ask my son to forfeit a match to a girl. While "men don't fight against women," wrestling is not fighting. A godly young man might handicap himself avoiding some moves while wrestling a girl, but the physical contact is likely to be less sensuous than ballroom dancing. He may pray daily for moral purity, but his prayer stepping on the mat is going to be, "Lord, help me not lose to this girl."
-Vance Wendelburg Stafford, Kan.

Not so hopeful

The only time since Obama's election that I've felt a ray of hope was after reading your cover story about Arne Duncan, his newly appointed secretary of education ("The schools that Arne built," April 11). But then I learned that while Duncan was CEO of Chicago's public schools, he approved a proposal (that has been temporarily withdrawn) for a high school devoted to helping students affirm their adolescent belief that they are homosexual.
-Meredith Berg Hudson, Wis.

God at the helm

Thank you for "The Obama depression" (March 28). It seems to me that Obama takes his cues from the playbook chapter titled, "How to Undermine a Democracy," and the subsequent chapter may well be "How to Dismantle a Democracy." The stress of reading all the unsettling reports about our nation physically affected me. The exhortation from Hebrews 12 was just what I needed to rejoice in remembering that God is at the helm and I need to be a diligent learner to reap the benefit of His "training."
-Julie Dawson Cornwall, Great Britain


The $1.85 trillion deficit projected by the Congressional Budget Office for 2009 is $100 billion more than White House projections (The Buzz, May 9, p. 11). `

Linda Marzulla's parents lived in relatives' homes after they lost their living situation just before Marzulla was born ("Love over money," April 25, p. 59).

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