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Nuclear options

"Nuclear options" Continued...

But while diplomats work on the question of how to reduce the threat of nuclear war, Christians are trying to bring moral clarity to the question of whether we ought to work toward multilateral, global nuclear disarmament.

Wigg-Stevenson compares the question to abortion: Suppose the U.S. military announced that it had weaponized RU-486, and if they chose to deploy it as a weapon of last resort, every unborn child within two miles would die. "Is there any evangelical in this country who would not be absolutely up in arms, who would not say this is morally unacceptable?" Wigg-Stevenson asks. "You cannot employ this tactic. It is not worth it." He draws a comparison to nuclear weapons, which would kill men, women, children, and unborn children.

Drell said nuclear weapons "threaten the ultimate survival of the human race, and that is not a power that should be in the hands of man." Coming from a theological perspective, Wigg-Stevenson added, "We're not good enough to wield this kind of power." Faith-based moral reasoning, he said, will recognize that we need to work toward total elimination, along with measures that verify we've reached it.


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