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Issue: "Playing with capitalism," May 23, 2009

The right reason

I left a liberal denomination about 30 years ago ("Exit strategies," April 11). At first my reason had to do with its liberal political stands, but as time went by I realized that both I and the denomination really had the same problem: We both had a low view of God and a low view of the Bible. That leads to liberal political views. God changed me but didn't change my former denomination. Finally, I discovered the right reason for having left.
-John H. Bordelon; Marietta, Ga.

Due credit

Regarding "Creative control" (April 11): If gay lobby groups and Hollywood producers and actors agree that simply showing gay couples in a glorified light on TV "teaches a huge lesson" and can shift the moral compass of our society, then why won't they take credit for the breakdown of the American family through the normalization of adultery, fornication, and abortion, among other things?
-Emily Whitten; Nashville, Tenn.

A tragedy

Thanks for the article on Barton Stupak ("Salmonella cop," April 11). It is a tragedy that the abortion movement, and more broadly, militant secularists, have such power in the Democratic Party. Those who actively resist abortion and militant secularism in either party should receive favorable treatment from all Christians.
-Alfred J. Lindh; Wilmington, Del.

The true story

I disagree that the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is "not Christian enough" in declining to include "historical realities" for a more truthful portrayal of Christianity's "frailty and folly" ("Sin of omission," April 11). The true story of the faith is one of persecution and martyrdom. We do not dwell much on the human failings of the early Bible translators, for example, because the significant thing is the existence of a readable Bible, not the failings of those who died getting it into our hands.
-Cheryl A. Leigh; Hillsboro, Mo.

Amazing story

I was touched by Catherine Ajok's sad story and courageous testimony ("The long defeat," April 11). It is amazing in the face of untold horrors and suffering that she dedicated it all to God.
-Jessica Sadler; Denver, Pa.

Growing pains

I couldn't help but mourn a little as I thought of how God grows each of us so differently ("Crying out," April 11). Mine was a five-year journey (although not as radical as Marvin Olasky's) before I truly understood what a "commitment to Christ" really means.
-Vince L. Onken; Victorville, Calif.

Go for it

Andrée Seu should go for the guitar lessons ("Guitar lessons," April 11). I started taking violin lessons at age 76. My teacher said that I would never become a concert violinist, but after three months of weekly lessons and an hour of almost daily practice for two years, I did become proficient enough to play in church.
-Wendell Hostetler; Orrville, Ohio

Laying it all out

Kudos, WORLD. Your journalism was a mainstay during our over 20 years of home education in Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska. As retirees, we continue to appreciate your wisdom, growth, and discernment as you "lay it all out on the table" in these crazy times on our dying planet.
-Rory Schneeberger; Hoonah, Alaska


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