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Issue: "On the road again," May 9, 2009

Motley Anglican sophists

As an Anglican communicant hoping soon to take Holy Orders, I wish I could say that the quote near the end of "More at stake" (March 28) is an example of blatant heresy a faithful Episcopalian would never utter. That is not the case. Our church has abandoned the crucial emphasis on individual virtue advocated by Edmund Burke in favor of pinning the blame on institutions and "unjust structures." That the Church could do such a 180 is yet another magic trick concocted by the motley crew of impious sophists who have so recently seized denominational control. It looks like our work is cut out for those of us who stand with Brother John.
-Tim Fox; Lafayette, Ind.

Things have changed

I read the interview with Roberta Green Ahmanson ("Wealth effects," March 28) with great interest. It's encouraging to see leading Christians involved in philanthropy on behalf of the arts, particularly Caravaggio. Regarding her college experience at Cornerstone, all of us who grew up in "rule world" can understand her frustration with a highly regulated campus environment. I'm glad to say that today she would find that life at Cornerstone is refreshingly free yet deeply committed to the grace-filled ways of Jesus.
-Joseph M. Stowell, President, Cornerstone University; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Just routine

I was disappointed and saddened by WORLD's coverage of the recent controversy emerging from my book review of Patrick Sookhdeo's Global Jihad ("Stifling the messengers," March 28). Mindy Belz asks why I sent my review to a Muslim blogger. As a freelance journalist I routinely circulate my work to potentially interested parties. Also, I object to being described as a "writer who favors Hezbollah and Palestinian militants." Finally, the organizations Melanie Phillips accuses of trying to "discredit and stifle" those warning against the Islamization of Britain have all denied the accusation.
-Ben White; Sao Paulo, Brazil

I thought it puzzling that Ben White dismissed Sookhdeo's book, Global Jihad. Sookhdeo's education and credentials, particularly as head of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity for over 20 years, certainly can't be ignored.
-Jeremy A. McLinden, 15; Colorado Springs, Colo.

State of denial

As a native Californian, I should say "thank you" to the rest of the nation ("Prairie economics," March 28). I guess. Governors of both parties have run our once-great state into the ground and all of you are willing to bail us out. Punishing states and cities that are fiscally responsible and rewarding those that are wasteful enables us to continue our ways-or, are you just postponing the inevitable? Our state spends like an out-of-control drunk, so maybe letting us hit bottom is the truly compassionate thing to do.
-Craig Anderson; San Jose, Calif.


The United States Interstate Highway system is 46,876 miles long ("Border guard," March 28, p. 46).


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