Following Jesus in the Real World: Humility is disarming in this culture

"Following Jesus in the Real World: Humility is disarming in this culture" Continued...

I would love to go to a church that can confess with humility and grace that they have erred. I trust that Pastor Stewart's heart is sincere and his congregation shares his authenticity. I rarely write in absolutes but one thing I have found is that truly Godly people always demonstrate humility. From reading the comments at the church website I am struck by the humility of Pastor Keith Stewart.

If I may gracefully add one caution to my fellow sojourners here in scenic Garland, Texas, it would be this lesson I learned the hard way. I am responding to a couple of lines that appeared in the open letter. I hasten to add that their leadership may be well ahead of your humble correspondent on this point. Here are the sentences that caused me to recall my long journey to practice grace:

The only way the community will ever believe our words is if our behavior backs it up. With the help of God, we want to become a community of believers that lives out its creed.

May I suggest with all the grace I can muster the following thoughts? The community will believe your words if you create an environment of grace and from that safety you can live out your creed. A place where you can walk in flawed and hurting and be accepted for who you are and where you are in your journey. A place where you don't have to wear a mask to be accepted. That is when, in my humble opinion, the community will believe your words. I am praying for you daredevils at Springcreek Church. I pray that many of us will follow your example both personally and corporately. I think it is a good example of humility that the rest of us can take to the workplace and into our own circle of influence. Your thoughts?


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