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Issue: "The schools that Arne built," April 11, 2009

Changed man

Rev. David Pinckney's neighbors are outraged. In what he says is an act of Christian love, the River of Grace Church senior pastor is allowing a convicted child killer to stay for two months in his Chichester, N.H., home. Raymond Guay in 1973 pleaded guilty to murdering a 12-year-old Nashua, N.H., boy. After a 1982 prison break, Guay held two Concord residents hostage in their home. In 1990, back in prison, Guay stabbed an inmate.

Now paroled after 35 years, Guay is staying with Pinckney, his wife, and five children, ages 13 through 19, in their Chichester home. According to Pinckney, Guay converted to Christianity in 1993 and poses no threat. Most Chichester residents aren't convinced. "I do not feel safe enough to walk to the mailbox, to allow my children to walk to the mailbox," resident Darlene Phelps told reporters.

After meeting with angry residents, city selectmen on March 17 voted 3-0 to ask state and federal officials to force Guay to leave town. But officials said they can't legally remove Guay from Pinckney's home if he meets his parole requirements. On March 19, WCAX-TV reporters spotted Guay in Concord looking for a job. He told them he is a changed man.


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