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The long goodbye

"The long goodbye" Continued...

Issue: "Ready or not, here we go," March 28, 2009

Overall, reports the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, which monitored the results, voters in 14 of Iraq's 18 provinces rejected the overtly religious alliances in favor of lists "that promised security, better services and strong central government."

Among military experts it's said that time in Iraq can be divided between B.C.-Before the Counterinsurgency-and A.D.-After David, as in Petraeus. While the successes of the military surge he engineered are undeniable, they go hand in hand with rule-of-law "surges" that are slowly reinforcing other forms of security. And the principles at work-among them moving into the neighborhood to gain legitimacy (and to help), creating governing bodies with popular support (and supporting them), minimizing corruption and abuse-can be carried well beyond the Zagros Mountains to Afghanistan because they are principles that work, however imperfectly, everywhere.


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