Border wars

"Border wars" Continued...

Issue: "Ready or not, here we go," March 28, 2009

But STRATFOR's Scott Stewart notes that even paramilitary groups like the Zetas find it difficult to attain the standard of training maintained by U.S. law enforcement groups. He notes a recent drug bust in Austin that culminated in a police shootout: "When the cops rolled up, a gang member opened up with an AK-47 and the cop dropped him with a handgun."

And while the northern spread of cartel violence remains a serious threat, Stewart said, stateside traffickers are not likely to be as audacious in dealing with American law enforcement as they are with their Mexican counterparts. "These guys really don't want to ratchet up attention on themselves any more than they have to here because if the U.S. drops the hammer on them it's going to be really bad for business," Stewart said. "It would also be bad for their health."


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