'This is what I was built for'

"'This is what I was built for'" Continued...

Issue: "The Obama era," Feb. 14, 2009

Mathes brings passion and a vibrant intellect to everything, not just music, Cron said: "He's a guy who's deeply loyal. He's funny. He is sophisticated. He has a rich intellect. He's very well read. He just gobbles life. He wants to eat it all." Mathes is the type of person who, when he goes to London, spends each night watching classical theater. He doesn't just read The Brothers Karamazov, he reads three translations in 10 days and then moves on to the rest of Dostoevsky's works. Eighteen hours after Cron sent Mathes his book manuscript, Mathes had read it and taken 10 pages of notes.

"I say to Rob that when he dies, the only thing that's going to be on his tombstone is an exclamation point," Cron said. "He just lives like that. He's deeply passionate. He has a remarkable commitment to excellence in his craft."


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