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Issue: "2008 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 13, 2008

This time around, federal prosecutors streamlined their evidence and presented jurors a more cohesive narrative of how the Texas-based charity operated as a front group for Hamas fundraising. They emphasized the $12 million channeled from Holy Land to Hamas since 1995, when the organization made the U.S. list of official terrorist groups.

The defense argued that Holy Land monies served only non-political Palestinian initiatives like the building and operation of hospitals and schools. Prosecutors did not dispute that claim, but charged that such initiatives amounted to Hamas public-relations tasks, ultimately serving to ingratiate the terrorist group among Palestinians and to aid recruiting.

President George W. Bush shut down the Holy Land Foundation in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The guilty verdicts are the culmination of a 15-year federal investigation into the group and a major victory for the Bush administration strategy of drying up stateside terrorism financing via prosecution.


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