Narrow escape

"Narrow escape" Continued...

Issue: "2008 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 13, 2008

At least 10 gunmen, who received high-level training at a terrorist camp in Pakistan, carried out the attacks in Mumbai, once known as Bombay, the financial capital of India and the second most populous city in the world. With AK-47s the gunmen fanned out from the city's waterfront in what at first looked like a random shooting spree, targeting Westerners and lasting 60 hours. At one Jewish center the gunmen killed six Jews. Indian commandoes eventually killed nine of the assailants and captured one alive, Ajmal Amir Kasab. Under interrogation Kasab said a group of about 24 underwent training for the mission in Pakistan, which included recitation of the Quran and lectures on jihad. Blood tests revealed that the men used steroids to improve strength and relied on cocaine and other stimulants to remain alert without eating throughout the prolonged attacks. India's government, criticized for its delayed response to the attacks, may strike against Pakistan, which is already under pressure from the United States to rein in its radical Islamist groups.
(Editor's Note: This article has been corrected to reflect that since press time government officials in India have revised the death toll to 163.)


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