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Issue: "News of the Year," Dec. 27, 2008

At risk

Reading Jill Nelson's article about U.S.-Russia relations ("Crime scene," Nov. 15) just after returning from Moscow sent chills up my spine. Most of us in the United States have no idea how Russia's leaders think or to what lengths they will go to protect their stature in the world. Journalists are not the only ones inside and outside of Russia at risk for criticizing the Kremlin.
-Charles L. Stoltenow; Fargo, N.D.

Paula's calling

Thank you for the article about Paula Leen's work for starving orphans, elderly and sick people in Zimbabwe ("How far can Zim dollars go?" Nov. 15). Paula is a classmate of mine from high school. She is truly a modern-day Mother Teresa.
-David Peters; Frederick, Md.

Duty of men

Like Cmdr. McLaughlin, I have four daughters. One is presently at Marine boot camp. I am very proud of her, but I do not want her in combat ("Realities on the ground," Nov. 15). Fighting the enemy in a combat zone is not a "right"; it is the duty of men for the purpose of protecting the rights and safety of women and children. Allowing women to volunteer for jobs that will free up men to perform their duties in a combat zone is one thing, but women should not be forced to perform the same duties as men.
-Janet Bell; Punta Gorda, Fla.

Light in the desert

I was quite disappointed in the column about Las Vegas ("The city on the desert," Nov. 15). I lived there for 30 years and found the people to be the most conservative, Spirit-filled, and generous group I have ever known, with the churches alive and doing God's work. I moved to New England expecting much of the same and was in for quite a shock, finding instead some of the most liberal, pro-abortion, pro-same-sex-marriage states in our Union.
-Claudia Catani; Niantic, Conn.

Excellent or obnoxious?

Thank you for your excellent movie reviews. My brother, best friend, and I are Christians hoping to enter the world of moviemaking. We understand the importance of not removing ourselves from culture and instead being discerning so as to better reach the lost.
-Andrew Fendrich; Mt. Vernon, Ind.

I found WORLD's review of Changeling ("Eastwood's revenge," Nov. 15) to be quite good. However, one of the qualities that made Changeling so bleak and depressing was that it was based on a true story. If it had been just the product of Eastwood's imagination, it would not have been nearly so compelling or dark.
-Elizabeth Carden; Mechanicsville, Va.

Cancel my subscription. Your magazine is self-righteous and obnoxious.
-Marianne Bernero; Gaithersburg, Md.


I saved Mindy Belz's "Fear not" (Feb. 23) in my Bible and it recently fell out. I commend her willingness to expose the "paranoiac" thoughts that so many of us, if we were honest, would admit to having. Circumstances may seem fearful at times, from our 401(k) meltdown to Democratic control of the White House and Congress, along with personal disappointment and misfortune. However, Jesus has His hand in the mud-making, using unseemly and unfortunate and unexpected things to lead to our sanctification and ultimate good. May we find comfort in knowing that our Redeemer is in control.
-Steve Mills; Milam, Texas


The illustration that accompanied the book review of Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn was of a book of the same title by Michael Palmer (Notable Books, Nov. 29, p. 25).


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