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Issue: "News of the Year," Dec. 27, 2008

Clarion call

After reading the latest issue ("Obama," Nov. 15), I felt so at peace and more hopeful than I have for some time. Two themes pervaded this issue: the fact that God is above and in control of all things; and what a Christian's posture and duties should be, even in difficult times. This was so uplifting, especially when so many seem discouraged by the difficulties we face. Thanks for your clarion call to embrace the Christian worldview at all times and in all places.
-Nancy Gerst; Harrisonburg, Va.

As the election results flooded in and it became apparent that Obama would win, I wondered what God thought of all the pastors and church-goers who ignored God's life-affirming words in the Bible so as to vote for a man who thinks Roe v. Wade was "fair"?
-Craig Pruitt; Spring, Texas

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You quoted Pastor DeJesus saying, "For any one party to say that they have the moral mantle of this country, they're wrong." I agree that Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but it is beyond me to see how anyone can say that, because immigration reform is a moral issue, the Democratic candidate was a better moral choice.
-Russell Hylton; Newark, Ohio

Getting real

"Get real" (Nov. 15) was excellent. It's time for some humbling and some comeuppance. It is also time for Christians and conservatives to re-focus on the true source of our strength: not men, but the Almighty.
-Damien Cooney; Chesapeake, Va.

"Get real" is thought-provoking, but I still believe that we are a "center-right" nation. In California, of all places, the people voted for the second time to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. I don't think our ideas and ideals are out of touch with most Americans. I think we need to change the way we communicate those ideals.
-Tom Ascher; Kankakee, Ill.

The election results were more of a shock to some of us than they should have been. The sooner we come to terms with the fact that our citizenship is in heaven, the sooner we will be able to face political realities without feeling quite as much disappointment and hurt.
-Patricia Coble; Sanford, N.C.

Joel Belz's advice is sound, but I firmly believe that the dearth of true conservative options to vote for caused the seeming dissipation of the Reagan coalition. McCain did two good things for us, though: He brought this issue out into glaring daylight and he gave us what, at the moment, looks like a bright new star on the true conservative horizon: Sarah Palin.
-C. Paden; Phoenix, Ariz.

Easy to do

Mark DeMoss said Obama "ran arguably the most positive, uplifting, energetic campaign in modern history" ("No retreat," Nov. 15). Well, it's easy to do that when a fawning press refuses to do any serious reporting on your suspicious past and ideology. I'm looking at the bright side and remembering that God can orchestrate great outcomes no matter what, but Obama's background and worldview point to the possibility of things like a failed economy, and worse.
-Boyd Amos; Tempe, Ariz.

In the election aftermath, I found myself "perplexed, but not in despair" while revisiting Schaeffer's timeless question, "How should we then live?" Schaeffer's answer is grand in scope, but the concise comments in "No retreat" helped me see more clearly the work that falls to my hands and heart in preparing my children to "stand at the vanguard of resistance."
-Laura L. Lynn; Bunnell, Fla.

Palin in 2012?

Thanks to Jamie Dean for "Ms. Right" (Nov. 15). Despite the mainstream media's attempts to downplay Sarah Palin, she made a huge impact. In 2012 the Republican Party needs a candidate who champions small federal government, First Amendment rights, the right to bear arms, and the right to life for the unborn. Palin advocates all of these and clearly has a gift for connecting with everyday Americans.
-Ross Jensen, 17; Phoenix, Ariz.

Jesus still saves

Many, including me, were depressed at the outcome of the presidential election. But I hope many readers will follow up on Marvin Olasky's suggestions regarding "Minding our P's and C's" (Nov. 15). Regardless who was elected, prayer still works, the Bible still has the answers, and Jesus still saves the lost when they come to Him.
-Michael Laman; Pompton Plains, N.J.

Not that green

While I agree that God requires us to be good stewards of His creation, I would hesitate to call God "green" ("Green gospel," Nov. 15). All too often, "green" environmentalists show through their actions that they place animals and plants above people. God does not.
-Heather Marcus; Valley Center, Calif.


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