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Issue: "2008 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 13, 2008

No surprise

I appreciated seeing Frederick Moyer's new CD highlighted (Notable CDs, Nov. 1). You commented that no one would have noticed the "sleight of ear" technology used to create the CD had he not pointed it out. My family knows Fred and we are not surprised that he didn't try to minimize the effects of the technology. He brings grace and humility to every part of his music and his life.
-Tom Hanks; Coal Valley, Ill.

Money machine fuel

Don't expect any change in the official attitude toward compact fluorescent light bulbs any time soon, despite the news that they do more environmental harm than good because they contain mercury (Quick Takes, Nov. 1). Carbon dioxide fuels the global-warming money machine; mercury doesn't.
-Allen Brooks; Sheridan, Wyo.

Designed for Twitter?

The Twitter phenomenon ("Tweet, tweet," Nov. 1) shows how we were designed for relationship with God and with others: We are constantly looking to be heard and to feel connected. This exposes a void that may in part be due to the isolation so prevalent in our fast-paced culture. As for whether Twitter should be included in worship services, 1 Corinthians teaches us that worship should be orderly, not a free-for-all where everyone just says what he thinks.
-Deborah Zimmerman; Dallas, Ga.

Why on earth would a pastor allow the use of an electronic device that takes the focus off the worship of God during a worship service?
-Curt Lovelace; Acton, Maine

Large hearts, small wallets

Thank you for "'True religion'" (Nov. 1). November was National Adoption Month, and for those with large hearts and small wallets there is a way to adopt. Many children in the United States, some older and some with special needs, are waiting for a home.
-Phil & Madelyn Higby; Towaco, N.J.

A dangerous road?

Regarding High School Musical 3 ("'Anti-pressure for kids,'" Nov. 1): Girls today do need to hear about romance apart from sexuality. But our culture is a sad one indeed to declare stories "wholesome" merely because they let children go over adult boundaries up to a certain point. Purity starts with the heart. If romance-especially teenage romance marketed to girls-has become only an entertainment package, we are on a dangerous road.
-Bailey Bergmann, 14; Shawano, Wis.

Simple, really

Andrée Seu asks "why?" regarding the current economic crisis ("Songs on the Titanic," Oct. 18). I think the answer is pretty simple: It is because God's people will not genuinely repent, but make a great show of humility.
-Steve Aivazis; Surprise, Ariz.

Tim Lamer's "Anatomy of a crisis" (Oct. 4) provides a good summary of the current economic situation. However, he failed to emphasize the impact of the Community Reinvestment Act passed by Congress during the Carter administration. The CRA called on lenders to loosen their underwriting standards and make risky loans. In the '90s, ACORN helped pressure Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the pattern of high-risk loans that lie at the heart of today's financial disaster.
-Steve Carter; Simpsonville, S.C.


Nov. 22, 2008, was the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination (Looking Ahead, Nov. 15, p. 9.)


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