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Issue: "Not over till it's over," Nov. 1, 2008

Canine worship

Some might say Pilgrim Congregational Church in North Weymouth, Mass., is for the dogs. Speaking literally, they'd be right. On Oct. 5, the church began a weekly "woof 'n' worship" service devoted to dogs and their owners. Rev. Rachel Bickford said the idea comes from an invocation in Psalm 148: "Let all wild animals, creeping things and flying birds give God praise." Bickford explained, "So I thought wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to let all things praise God together and have families bring their dogs to church." Bickford said parishioners who bring dogs to the 5 p.m. service will be responsible for cleaning up any messes created by pets.

Outdoorsy types

As countless schools embrace technology, one Canadian preschool says it's going back to the basics. Way back. The Carp Ridge Forest Pre-School of Carp, Ontario, will introduce its all-outdoors, rain-or-shine preschool in early December just in time for blustery weather. Administrators from the preschool say that outside of lightning storms and temperatures below 14 degrees, 3- to 6-year-olds will bundle up and spend the day tromping through the forest, tending a garden, and going on nature hikes. School coordinator Marlene Power-Johnston criticized typical indoor preschools, telling CBC News, "The toys, the activities, and the environment [are] institutionalized, and also very manufactured." A few outdoor preschools have existed in Europe for a few decades.


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