No retreat

"No retreat" Continued...

Issue: "Obama," Nov. 15, 2008

U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

"What we've had is eight years of Republicans not doing what they said they would do and consequently discouraging the heck out of everybody. It's political expediency abandoning conservative values. The party has to have a change in the people who are representing it. If it doesn't, it will die and another party will come along."

Robert Spencer, director of JihadWatch

"Conservative Christians should emphasize politically their commitment to and defense of constitutional principles, particularly as challenges to the freedom of speech and the principle of the equality of rights of all people before the law continue to increase. Muslim brotherhood-linked groups in America are certain to step up their campaign to have any examination of how Islamic jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism classified as 'hate speech' and criminalized. They are also certain to continue their stealth jihad campaign to win special accommodations and privileges for Muslims from American businesses, schools, and institutions, as part of their larger effort to-in the words of a brotherhood document revealed last year-eliminate and destroy Western civilization, 'so that Allah's religion is made victorious over other religions.' Christian conservatives, as among the few who generally recognize the nature and magnitude of this Islamic supremacist threat, need to be prepared to stand at the vanguard of resistance to these jihadist efforts.

"The election of Obama will bring renewed challenges to the freedom of speech, which the Organization of the Islamic Conference is already challenging at the U.N. Christian conservatives and all free citizens will need to raise awareness among Americans of what's at stake, and try to head off any attempt by the new president to build bridges with the Islamic world by enacting 'hate speech' codes that compromise this constitutional right."

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.

"I happen to believe that truth doesn't change because the American public decides to elect a different group of people with a different philosophy. The idea of principled conservatism and Christian conservatism is a standard that has stood the test of time and will stand the test of time. We should not walk away from policies that we know are beneficial to mankind and to America as a society because we have either poorly implemented our own philosophy or poorly communicated those philosophies.

"I don't think the things that have occurred happened in a vacuum. They occurred because we did not implement our governing philosophy and did not communicate our philosophy.

"If we did articulate those principles in a way that was persuasive, then we will be successful again, because America will try something that doesn't work and then come back to something that does.

"I think we do need to recognize that we lost our way on some things, in particular at home and in the economy, in the way we got wrapped up in the idea that government can solve problems instead of looking for ways to facilitate the private sector to do so.

"We have to look back at how we govern from the standpoint of domestic policy. We have failed on the domestic policy, particularly in not implementing our vision. From a broader perspective we have failed on the standpoint of communication.

"On social policy, to me, the policies aren't going to change. We have implemented very little. We are treading water in the culture right now, in a culture that is getting much more polluted and noxious to swim in."

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned 
Women for America

"Barack Obama was like a blank screen and people projected their own beliefs onto him, so I think his challenge now is how he is going to govern. Of those who voted for him, liberals saw themselves in him, moderates heard themselves in him, and some conservatives hoped that he'd believe like them. … We're going to have to fight for every pro-life protection that we have gained in the last 35 years. … We hope that he will honor the decisions of the majority of Americans when it comes to protecting marriage, especially when it comes to helping this next generation of children who deserve a mother and a father.

"We're going to need grassroots activists to be more involved than they ever have before when it comes to the issues Christians care about, especially judges. Even now, before the new president and new Congress are sworn in, people could be reaching out to their representatives, especially if they are new representatives … and congratulating them in their victories but also making very clear that we hope that they will honor the desires of the majority of Americans who overwhelmingly support regulations on abortion, protection for marriage, and judges who rule according to the Constitution and not their whims.


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