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Issue: "Not over till it's over," Nov. 1, 2008

Vampire vows

I have read all four books in the Twilight series and find Breaking Dawn (Spotlight, Sept. 20) to be a compelling love story that advocates abstinence and monogamy within marriage. As a nurse in an STD clinic where I minister to many teenagers, it is refreshing to have literature that challenges the younger set to embrace abstinence and marriage between one woman and one man (even if the man is a vampire).
-Shellie Wilson; Annapolis, Md.

I'm just glad Bella and Edward waited for marriage, unlike so many girls. I found those scenes awkward and skipped them altogether.
-Natalie Wolfe; White House, Tenn.

Dropped coverage

The national media dropped the ball in covering the devastation of Gustav ("Cleaning up the mess," Sept. 20). Ten days later, my elderly parents still didn't have electricity in the 90-degree heat, thousands of people were lining up for food stamps, debris was stacked in piles yards high in many neighborhoods, and our faith-based ministries were running out of funds. The coverage of Katrina alerted the nation's charities to ongoing needs and helped our area tremendously. The corresponding lack of coverage for Gustav here has people crying for help.
-Andrea Richard; Central, La.

Victims for Obama

"Barack to school" (Sept. 6) is well-focused. I believe that John McCain hit the nail on the head recently when he said, "Education is the civil-rights issue of our day." Sadly, though, those who are the most disenfranchised and victimized by our current failed education system are leaning toward Obama.
-Dan Washington; Grand Junction, Colo.

Taxes to death

I read with amazement Democrat Heath Shuler's comment that Republicans are only pro-life "from conception to birth" ("His to win," Sept. 6). I am more than willing to see my tax dollars used to help families raise their children, but I am not happy to see them used to kill unborn children, especially for economic reasons. Shuler should also consider that the president appoints federal judges. I cannot vote for someone who will install pro--abortion judges.
-Dave Dailey; Scott Depot, W.Va.

A big deal

I think the main reason that pornography gets a foothold in peoples' lives is a perception that it's really not a big deal ("Trap doors," Sept. 6). In my younger years I didn't view it as being addictive, but I have heard from Christian male friends who were exposed to pornography as children how hard it is to get away from those images. With pornography, something natural and from God gets messed up and unnatural and turns into something that debases us. Yet there is so little outcry about the fact that this stuff is poison. It undermines our ability to develop healthy attitudes about sex and sexuality, and it is omnipresent.
-Heather Denton; Portland, Ore.


I think Gene Edward Veith was right on regarding Barack Obama ("Messiah complex," Aug. 23). This guy is scary. Why can't Christians wake up and see the handwriting on the wall?
-Mary Ellen Wolfe; Lancaster, Pa.


Brett Favre has played in two Super Bowls but his team at the time, the Green Bay Packers, won only one, beating New England in 1997 and losing to Denver in 1998 ("Comeback kidding," Oct. 4, p. 87).


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