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Issue: "Bleeding economy," Oct. 18, 2008

Animal guilt

No fingerprints were possible for an Egyptian thief. A local judge in the Nile River Delta area sentenced a donkey to 24 hours in jail after police discovered the animal to be in possession of corn on the cob stolen from a nearby agricultural research institute. The donkey's owner escaped jail time but garnered a $12 fine.

No cooking

If Eddie Mangini wants to enjoy a fresh breakfast before school, he'll now have to bring home the bacon. Mangini and 27 other seniors at Middletown High School in Connecticut gained suspensions after school officials broke up a quiet breakfast barbeque of eggs and bacon before school in the student parking lot on Sept. 23. The two-day suspension of the 28 seniors who cooked out next to a propane grill confused Mangini and other students. "We didn't have beer, we didn't have weed, we had bacon," Mangini told the Middletown Press. School officials made no comment to the newspaper.


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