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My 'best education'

"My 'best education'" Continued...

(Editor's Note: Edward Sisson, one of the coauthors of this article, has posted a personal video about the IAF training program and its threat to traditional Christian churches on YouTube.)

IAF organizers like Obama were thus trained to target individuals for hate and denunciation, to exploit the organizational benefits of having enemies, and to pursue "justice" by creating conflict and confrontation. Personal targeting and scapegoating became a central organizing principle for IAF-trained community organizers, instigated by Alinsky's lieutenant and successor Ed Chambers. Rooney makes clear that the IAF is brutally cynical about the constant need for fresh victims. Obama's IAF thus made it official policy that political opponents were to be turned into personal enemies (or "ripe targets").

We are presently seeing this "politics of vilification" by members of the Left in their targeted hate against Sarah Palin, who is a personal victim of IAF-style programs that build animosity against their political opponents. This method that the IAF employs is profoundly wrong morally. Barack Obama, an IAF community organizer, has not spoken of a single fault with the IAF.
William A. Dembski heads the Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Edward Sisson is a Washington D.C.-based attorney.

William Dembski and Edward Sisson
William Dembski and Edward Sisson


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