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Issue: "Bleeding economy," Oct. 18, 2008

Needed but biased

Thanks for Mindy Belz's column on the importance of print media and journalism ("Freedom isn't free," Sept. 6). As a 20-year-old whose interest in the news has grown with the rise in online news, I had not understood the value and importance of journalists on the ground. She deftly pointed out what now seems obvious: The structure of a local print newspaper can provide facts that would otherwise remain unknown.
-Mary Bull; Seoul, South Korea

These days our local paper, which was once very good, just rips left-leaning stories off the AP wire, while local news is sparse and also heavily biased to the left. To subscribe to the paper is to subsidize the left. I get my news from a variety of online sources and am aware that this deprives these papers of income, but I cannot in good conscience pay money to newspapers that represent a political point of view diametrically opposed to mine and that typically sneer at people of faith.
-Robert Hellam; Seaside, Calif.

The Warren effect

Thank you for the summary of the interview with Rick Warren ("Ordinary man," Sept. 6). It would be nice to have him answer some hard questions, from his views on Roman Catholicism to global warming to sitting down with Muslims. I have tried to be somewhat tolerant of the Purpose Driven movement, but as a pastor seeking to have a biblically ordered church, I wish it were so simple. So much of what he does affects people coming through our doors and, regretfully, a great deal of it is not good.
-Jeff Gwinn; Woodland Park, Colo.

How encouraging to read about the emphasis on Scripture and biblical worldview at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, and that prospective members must "be willing to sign our [four-part] membership covenant." Thank God not all mega-churches are created equal.
-Peter Kushkowski; Portland, Conn.

Obama's associations

You noted the Democratic National Committee's anger over McCain's association with Ralph Reed (Human Race, Sept. 6). I am confused over this because the DNC seems to have no problem regarding Obama's associations. He attended Rev. Wright's racist church for 20 years without any repercussions and had some connection to Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers. Why are their standards different and why do so many seem not to care?
-Deborah Turner; Selmer, Tenn.

Clearing up memories

The "Remembering the summer of '68" issue (Aug. 9) was amazing. Boy, did it bring back memories, and it clarified a few things, too.
-Joe LoGiudice; Lakewood, Calif.

Comfortable temptations

I saw the photos and write-up about the New Hope Methodist Church in Marietta, Ga. (Houses of God, July 26) and was totally frustrated and grieved. I think that the greatest temptation facing believers in Western cultures is our love of creature comforts. Seeing this pastor keeping his flock as "comfortable" as possible in a drive-in church just reinforced this belief.
-Debbie Tobler; Makakilo, Hawaii


UPS is apparently not a current contributor to Planned Parenthood ("David versus Goliaths," July 12, p. 68). A UPS local branch in 2004 gave $100 to Planned Parenthood of Susquehanna Valley.


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