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Issue: "Two-ring circus," Sept. 6, 2008

Ten will get you 400

For want of $10.12, Summit County, Ohio, sent two sheriff's deputies to Daniel Clark's Bradenton, Ohio, home to arrest him and his wife. The crime: The pair owed just over $10 on their income taxes. 'One of the deputies asked, 'Don't you guys check your mail?' But I still didn't have a clue why they wanted to arrest us,' Clark told the Akron Beacon Journal. 'Then they told me we didn't pay our city income taxes and there was a warrant out for our arrest.' When Clark checked with his wife, she confirmed that she had in fact ignored official notices sent by the city. By agreeing to show up in court that afternoon, the couple avoided walking away in cuffs, even if they will have to pay an extra $400 in court costs.

Cold wire

Here's an idea for would-be car thieves: Check to make sure the car actually has an engine in it before attempting to hot-wire it. Thieves in Marlborough, New Zealand, broke into a car parked just outside a local auto repair shop and began crossing wires to attempt to start the car's engine. But it's no surprise the station wagon wouldn't start: Its engine had been taken out of the rear of the vehicle and placed on the ground for repairs.


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