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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Summer of '68," Aug. 9, 2008

Gone in a flash

Mark Pannell of Buffalo, N.Y., was doing just fine at evading the cops-until he put his clothes back on. Sheriff's deputies in Erie County pulled over Pannell on a routine traffic stop after sunrise on July 19 only to have him strip down to his skivvies and run away on foot. Despite an assist in the manhunt by a helicopter operated by U.S. Border Patrol and Custom Enforcement, Pannell slipped away. Nearly 15 hours later police spotted him-clothed-walking near the Niagara River. When cops gave chase, the 27-year-old leapt into the river. But his watery getaway didn't last long. Pannell, also wanted on misdemeanor drug charges, gave up after exhausting himself in the river.

Along for the ride

It's not just cats that have nine lives. A koala bear north of Brisbane, Australia, is lucky to be alive after being struck by a car at over 60 mph as it dallied on a roadway. The impact drove the koala's head and arm through the vehicle's grill. Protruding from the engine, the marsupial hung out as the unsuspecting motorist continued more than seven miles before reaching his final destination and discovering the trapped koala. Doctors at the local hospital treated the -animal with fluids and food after discovering the koala, dubbed "Lucky," had no major injuries in the accident.

Sacked out

Apparently drunk and definitely tired, two burglary suspects decided to take a nap after making their getaway July 9 from a Fred Meyer department store in Monroe, Wash. Their big mistake: They left a trail of cardboard and stolen loot that led right to them. Police found suspect Kyle Burress, 25, asleep on some stolen pillows and suspect Allen Pierce, 27, asleep on a stolen hammock. Officers took pictures of the hapless duo before waking them up.


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