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Issue: "NextGen worship," July 26, 2008

WORLD's review of the Sex and the City movie ("Looking for love," June 14/21) seems far from critical of its pornographic content. Also, I found it interesting that of the "Box Office Top 10" movies, listed No. 1 is Sex and the City with a 9 out of 10 rating for sexual content. No. 10 on the list is Forgetting Sarah Marshall, rated at 10 of 10 for sexual content. If that doesn't reveal a growing acceptance of pornography among females, nothing does.
-Terry L. Brown; Billings, Mont.

Angry and disillusioned

I am angry and disillusioned following the allegations of impropriety at the American Bible Society ("Problems at the top," June 14/21). Even worse than the complete lack of propriety of the board in hiring someone with Irwin's questionable background is the fact that they have been sitting on $693 million in cash and investments. How do they justify that in the face of the urgent need for Bibles and other help for Christians around the world while people like me are faithfully responding to their appeals to supply that need?
-Nancy Morgan; Leawood, Kan.

Wasted shipment

"Giving the Word" (June 14/21) demonstrated the generous nature of Americans. However, many recipients may not find these Bibles helpful. When I was a missionary in Ukraine, I observed a shipment of Bibles and other Christian books come in from such an organization. Excitement dissipated when most of the Bibles were discovered to be King James Version. The old English was too much of an obstacle for the recipients because English was their second language. Most of the other books were out of date or not appropriate. The cost of that wasted shipment was sickening.
-Sarah McVaugh; Canton, Ohio

Attitude adjustment

I am a pastor of a small home-mission church, a missionary who can get discouraged from time to time. Andrée Seu's column on Adoniram Judson's trials in Burma ("Gospel cyclone," May 31/June 7) gave me a needed attitude adjustment. Thanks.
-Larry Jones; Fort Myers, Fla.

On their own dime

`Regarding Harvard's road to secularism ("The Harvard affair," May 17/24): Professors and administrators of Christian colleges and seminaries feed their families with money donated by Christians who expect them to live by God's Word and the creed to which they subscribed in order to be hired in the first place. I don't want to censor "free-thinking" people who want to investigate or even denigrate the faith; I'd just rather not pay them to do so. Truly free inquiry demands intellectual integrity-with one's self and with others.
-Jack Rickman; Escondido, Calif.

Maddest mission

Thank you so much for "Mad missions" (May 17/24). I'm back in school myself to study nursing at the age of 51. When I started, I wondered if I would still be able to study at that level, if we could afford it, and whether I could manage my time well enough to juggle family life and studies. I truly feel like I'm on the maddest of mad missions, yet I feel that God has another season of life for me.
-Sharon Peske; Bemidji, Minn.

Mixed reviews

Had I known that your magazine was so politically biased I would never have subscribed. Jesus was neither a Democrat nor a Republican.
-Jesse R. Anthony; Auburn, Ala.

Last year we were introduced to your magazine through a gift subscription. We want to renew; we and our college-aged daughter have benefitted from it. It causes us to really think about issues in our world.
-Doug & Carolyn Abel; Santa Ana, Calif.


Jan Vormann is a German artist working alone in Bocchignano, Italy, as part of the "20 Eventi" project (Quick Takes, June 28/July 5, p. 16).


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