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Issue: "Home again," July 12, 2008

Moving hearts

Ethiopia holds a dear place in our hearts and we are so happy that you have brought attention to some of what God is doing there ("Ethiopia," May 31/June 7). God has called five different families from our church of 220 to adopt eight "unadoptable" kids from Ethiopia. A sixth family is in the process and we pray their two will arrive soon. God is moving hearts, and some have given up empty nests and travel plans to continue parenting.
-Sharon Murphy; Kirksville, Mo.

Thank you so much for your articles featuring children in Africa. My two daughters, ages 5 and 2, seem to connect with the pictures of other children in WORLD and have seen how blessed they are to have food on their table every day.
-Rachel Wright; West Bloomfield, Mich.

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Congratulations for showcasing some of the great and compassionate work being done in Ethiopia. However, as the father of two adopted Ethiopian children and someone engaged in numerous ministry and economic development initiatives in Ethiopia, I was somewhat taken aback by your description of the current government as a typical African dysfunctional police state. While the 2005 election did give rise to violent protest and unnecessary use of force, the election and ensuing events comprise a much more complex picture. There is growth, stability, and progress being made on many fronts.
-Peter Schulze; Van, Texas

I couldn't do without WORLD. With each issue, I alternate between being depressed and inspired! Paul and Susan Lim, doctors who moved to Ethiopia to oversee a children's hospital, are amazing and inspiring ("Full compassion," May 31/June 7).
-Nancy Winston; Arlington, Va.

Too much love

I cried as I read Andrée Seu's column on Adoniram Judson, a 19th-century missionary to Burma ("Gospel cyclone," May 31/June 7). I have heard it many times. I have even told it. But today I was cut to the heart. I love my life here too much.
-John Yenchko; Oyster Bay, N.Y.

Thanks for the great column on Judson. Several years ago I ministered in Burma with Asian Access. I can only wonder what the casualty rate would be if missionaries today had to endure the hardships Judson faced.
-Tom Fillinger; Columbia, S.C.

In that respect

As a homeschooler who just graduated from high school, I couldn't help but smile as I read "Junior exec" (May 31/June 7). Brandon is an excellent example of teens doing "hard things," as Brett and Alex Harris ("Beyond bed-making," April 19/26) would put it. I smiled even more at Brandon's comment, "I'm CEO and in charge in that respect. She's my mom. She's in charge in that respect." I know many teenage boys who, in that situation, wouldn't even consider the idea that their mom should have any authority over them.
-Shaney Lee; Austin, Texas

Truly scary

The race to the White House is between McCain and Obama (The Buzz, May 31/June 7). The possibility of Obama becoming our next president truly scares me. In his speeches he rarely talks about what he will do as president. All he says is that it is time for a change. Well, if there are so many people in this country who would actually consider voting for a nominee like Obama then something definitely has to change.
-Ressej T. Well; Anchorage, Alaska

Imagine that

When I first heard homosexuality spoken of as a civil rights issue I waited for someone to object, such as the NAACP or Jessie Jackson. Imagine my surprise when it did not happen. Thank you to Crystal Dixon (Human Race, May 31/June 7) for being honest in speaking out. Shame on Toledo University for firing her and caving under the pressure to be politically correct instead of morally right.
-Karla Young; Murrieta, Calif.

Perfectly matched

Aliza Shvarts uses her "art" ("Art lessens," May 31/June 7) to frame her nihilistic message, so that the picture and the frame are perfectly matched-both grotesque and hideous. Culturally, we have been tricked into accepting shock art, but I don't believe that on the whole we have been tricked into appreciating it-we still appreciate the beautiful. For this reason, Christian artists have an opportunity to counter-culturally produce works that frame God's truth with beauty and glory.
-Teresa Ong; Greeley, Colo.

Blowing, and blowing smoke

As a structural engineer, I would suggest that Vern Poythress ("He makes the wind blow," May 31/June 7) exaggerated the pressure developed by a hurricane-force wind. A 155 mph wind would probably only exert 1,000 pounds of total lateral force on a human body, not 3,000 pounds. This is, of course, silly nitpicking. But I agree with his proposition, which I find amazing: God has revealed to me order, knowledge, and reason in my engineering practice. The winds produce pressures that can be expressed in amazing mathematical equations, but the true miracle is that He created humans who could perceive them.
-Jeff Ehler; Omaha, Neb.


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