Larry Norman's tragic post-mortem

"Larry Norman's tragic post-mortem" Continued...

Issue: "Home again," July 12, 2008

Wallace believes Charles is "doing all [he] can to drag this out so it will cost us a great deal more in legal fees" and has set up a blog to solicit donations. Charles, however-who has received word from a DNA consultant that it is not from him but from Michael Norman (Norman's son by his second marriage) that testable DNA would be needed-insists he has nothing to do with either the delay or the test itself.

He also resents the Wallaces' aggressively public approach and is in no hurry to play by their rules. "If the Wallaces want to come over here and be friendly and be part of the family," he said, "they're kind of going about it in the wrong way. . . . I'm not going to do this crap in the court of the internet with all these people setting up chat rooms and basically putting Larry on trial. . . . And I certainly don't appreciate that my family is being attacked."

Charles concedes, however, that Daniel may be part of that very family. "[He] might be Larry's child," he said. "[He] might not. I have no idea."

David Smallbone acknowledges that, if a DNA test finally takes place and confirms what he and the rest of the Australian CCM community have long believed, Norman's "reluctan[ce] to support the mother and the child . . . is a very sad reflection on [his] character."

But he also believes the story is important for a broader reason. "I think Larry started off passionate about sharing Jesus through music," he said. "But then I think compromise came into his life, and his behavior changed. He became manipulative."

For the sake of Christian music "we need to get this story out," he said, "so when other people are successful, they realize that this is a high calling and they don't go down the road that Larry Norman went down, which, at the end of the day, was tragic."

(Note: This article has been corrected to reflect that Mark Joseph posted a letter from Jennifer McCallum [Wallace] on his Bully Pulpit News website.)


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