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Issue: "Unify and conquer," June 14, 2008

Life and death details

Thank you for the insightful column about the Author of all things ("God as author," May 3/10). How wonderfully profound and encouraging! I teach Bible to inmates at a maximum security (death row and life-without-parole) prison, emphasizing the power and reliability of the Word of God. Gene Edward Veith has helped me to understand more perfectly the elegant reality of the Lord's involvement in the personal details of life-and death-for each one of us.
-Bill Swenson; St. Louis, Mo.

No wonder

I agree wholeheartedly with Janie Cheaney's column, "Less than zero" (May 3/10). We should not wonder that the world has no moral compass. When unbelievers reject the Creator, to whom are they answerable? And when humans create their own rules, those rules are subject to anyone's interpretation.
-Pepper Meulendyk; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Go younger

Thank you for highlighting some intelligent design and creationism books in "Discussing Darwin" (May 3/10). I am a little disappointed, though, that WORLD included only old-earth creationism books. I would have liked to have seen books from the young-earth perspective as well, such as Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Carl Werner or Starlight, Time, and the New Physics by John Harnett. I am grateful, though, that WORLD gives a voice to the intelligent design and creationism movements, subjects that liberal publications approach with either hostility or purposeful ignorance.
-Randy Goggin; New Port Richey, Fla.

Prolong the battle

I'm offended by your description of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" as a plan to get the "lesser candidate" to win the Democratic nomination ("Those other races," May 3/10). In Rush's own words, the point of crossover voting in the primary is to "prolong the Democrat primary battle. Allow the Clintons to bloody up Obama politically, since our side won't do it. Enjoy liberals tearing each other apart. Drain the DNC of campaign cash. Annoy the Drive-By Media."
-David Ellers; Carol Stream, Ill.

Be patient

`0 I loved your interview with Eugene Peterson ("A patient Peterson," May 3/10). As a pastor, it was refreshing to hear from someone who has put his time in. I was encouraged to be reminded to be patient as God works. I want my church to grow now. How silly and selfish.
-Jeff McKearney; Powell, Wyo.


It is sickening that a candidate for the presidency can lie like Hillary Clinton did about the trip to Bosnia (Quotables, May 3/10). Even if she really did just make a mistake (which I doubt-how could she mix up a sniper and a little girl reading poetry?), she should have corrected herself immediately.
-Adam Osborne; Hotchkiss, Colo.

Killing and sustaining

I canceled my subscription. I used to really appreciate WORLD, but the way you handled Mitt Romney and his religion (which is my religion) killed the friendship and my interest.
-Dan Rotondo; Fort Wayne, Ind.

I occasionally read letters from people who ask that their subscriptions be canceled. I do not care for everything I see in WORLD, so I sometimes do not read it cover to cover, but you do a great job of reporting and analyzing the news. Unless my taxes become so high I can't afford it, I plan to keep reading WORLD.
-Dudley Field; Buffalo, N.Y.


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