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An old deception

"An old deception" Continued...

Issue: "Left behind," June 28, 2008

WORLD: You wrote a book about The Da Vinci Code. Do you see parallels between that book and The New Earth?

ABANES: Both The Da Vinci Code and Tolle's works are filled with prejudice against Christianity. Tolle, for instance, says that Christian history is "a prime example of how the belief that you are in sole possession of the truth, that is to say, right, can corrupt your actions and behavior to the point of insanity."

Like [Da Vinci Code author] Dan Brown, Tolle also asserts that the Bible is corrupted and filled with errors. Scripture, he says, has become "distorted and misinterpreted," and "many things" have been added "that had nothing to do with the original teachings." Clearly, we have some rather bold anti-Christian sentiments being expressed by both Brown and Tolle.

WORLD: What do you hope Christians will gain from your book?

ABANES: Truth, primarily. Secondly, the information they need to reach out to friends and family who've encountered Tolle's teachings and have questions. We're called to be lights in this world. And I can't think of any better way to obey Christ's command to be lights than by lovingly, calmly, and intelligently sharing the truth with people who need to hear it.

Susan Olasky
Susan Olasky

Susan pens book reviews and other articles for WORLD as a senior writer and has authored eight historical novels for children. Susan and her husband Marvin live in Asheville, N.C. Follow Susan on Twitter @susanolasky.


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