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Issue: "Food fight," May 3, 2008

Polygamy's fallout

Amid the bitter protestations from polygamist mothers, Texas officials began the laborious task of holding custody hearings for all 437 children seized from the Yearning for Zion Ranch outside of Eldorado. Law enforcement officials took custody on April 3 after growing suspicious of possible polygamy and incest at the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints Texas compound.

For two weeks, they held hundreds of children at the nearby San Angelo Coliseum until the state procured DNA samples from each child to help chart the family tree of the polygamous Mormon sect. By April 22, State District Court Judge Barbara Walther ordered the children into more permanent housing, stretching even Texas' state foster care resources. A large group of the older males were bused to a youth ranch near Amarillo while the rest were placed in foster homes scattered across the state as far away as Houston, nearly 400 miles from Eldorado.

Syrian connection

Video soon to be made available to lawmakers will show that a Syrian facility bombed by Israeli forces last September resembled the core design of the North Korean nuclear reactor at Yongbyon-and that North Koreans were at work inside it.

The footage taken inside the secret Syrian facility last summer apparently convinced the Israeli government to destroy the site, despite international condemnation.

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden is expected to disclose the evidence on Capitol Hill this month, just as President George Bush prepares for his second peace-seeking mission to the Middle East.

Wrong, again

Harsh reviews can't keep Ben Stein's Expelled down. The film debuted at No. 9 and took in about $3 million its opening weekend April 18-20. Given its limited release, per screen ticket sales put Expelled, a documentary about discrimination against scientists and researchers who refuse to profess the religion of Darwinism, at No. 5-topping Nim's Island, 21, and Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who. "We were told by the critics that our movie would be dead on arrival. But the public proved the experts wrong again," said executive producer Logan Craft.

March slide

A president named George Bush was about to enter his last year in office the last time new home sales were as sluggish as they were in March. The Commerce Department reported last week that new home sales dropped 8.5 percent in March to an annual rate of 526,000 units, the lowest level since October 1991. The median price was down 13.3 percent from March 2007, the largest price decline since 1970.


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