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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Food fight," May 3, 2008

Dream candidate

Well, it was worth a good Smurf try. Among the write-in candidates for Dodge County's election in Wisconsin for a spot on the county's supervisory district: Papa Smurf. The diminutive cartoon figure captured just one of the 15 votes cast in the election that featured no official name on the ballot. According to the county clerk's office, the three other, less fictional, candidates written in will be contacted before a supervisor is named.

Do as I vote

One Idaho state senator should be thankful a bill he sponsored didn't get passed earlier. Police in Boise tagged Sen. John Goedde with speeding through a school zone the same day he debated his bill to increase fines for such tickets on the floor of the state Senate. Goedde's bill to increase the minimum fine for speeding through a school zone earned passage on April 1-about a month after he was issued a $141.50 ticket for driving 32 mph near a school. "There was some irony there," the Coeur d'Alene senator acknowledged.


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