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Issue: "Ethiopia's new flower," May 31, 2008

Blessing and cursing

Like most golf fans I have marveled at Tiger Woods' prodigious talent. I have also cringed at his occasional outbursts of profanity at a bad shot. I was equally impressed with Stephen Curry's great performance in the NCAA basketball tournament ("Tiger's tirade," "Spice of Curry," April 19/26). What an ironic contrast. While Tiger profanes the very God who blessed him with athletic talent, Curry acknowledges that God and praises Him.
-Thomas Burley; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Think of the judges

It never ceases to amaze me how lightly some people are taking this election because their candidate is not on the ballot (Human Race, April 19/26). This race is more than for a presidency; the one elected will appoint judges who will serve for a lifetime. McCain has promised to appoint judges who are strict Constitutionalists. Obama or Clinton would certainly appoint liberal, left-wing judges who will attempt to change the Constitution to fit their own interpretation.
-Bobbie Leab; Advance, N.C.

Winsome and varied

You have to don your reading glasses to catch his name because the only place to see it is in a tiny font running vertically along the edge of the pages, but Krieg Barrie provides a winsomeness and variety to WORLD that is lacking in other news publications. He captures the essence of an article with his practiced and inspired palette. The April 19/26 issue abounds with examples of his beautiful craft.
-Keith Pond; Wichita Falls, Texas

Vanishing loyalty

I was shocked that although many people are leaving Christianity, 75 percent of Americans still consider themselves Christians ("Change-seekers," April 5/12). Considering our culture's "have it now" mentality, the rapid flip-flop between denominations makes sense. Megachurches are growing because people are comfortable being lost in a crowd. Small churches lose members because people dislike working through confrontation in this "tolerant" country of ours. Just as loyalty in the job market has disappeared, loyalty to denominations has all but vanished as well.
-Jonathan Hodges; Hudson Falls, N.Y.

Enough tampering

"House rules" (April 5/12) correctly points out the Fed's central role in the subprime mortgage mess. This is the latest in a long series of economic problems it has caused. Contrary to what Marx thought, the boom-and-bust cycle isn't inherent to capitalism but to government tampering with the money supply.
-Ethan Sudman; Gurnee, Ill.

Real change

Jill Nelson's "Men in black" (April 5/12) was excellent in scope and coverage. Messianic Jews have real hardships in Israel. Wouldn't it be refreshing if the United States cut aid to Israel until it shows real change and extends equal rights to our fellow Christians living there?
-Dan Dendulk; Ft. Myers, Fla.


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