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Issue: "Food fight," May 3, 2008

Insight into blessing

Thank you for the article about Russia ("A war for souls," March 22/29). There is a Russian community near my hometown, and the article gave me insight into the blessing those folks enjoy of having the freedom to have their own church here in America. Those who sometimes wonder why so many Russians are coming to our area should see the beauty of people taking advantage of our freedoms, instead of complaining that they don't know English very well.
-Sarah Pringle; West Plains, Mo.

Fussing and fait accompli

I don't think same-sex marriage is a good thing, but no-fault divorce has damaged far more children and families than same-sex marriage ever will ("Beyond partners," March 22/29). When one of our parishioners leaves his wife for a "trophy wife," instead of declaring the new marriage invalid in the eyes of God and at canon law, we fulminate and fuss and then accept it as a fait accompli. Maybe that's one reason our divorce rate is as bad as that of the world.
-Howard Ahmanson; Irvine, Calif.

After-office effects

John Adams regarded his post of vice president as "the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived," but now it's become a hot topic for debate ("The race for No. 2," March 8/15). Few former vice presidents have left lasting impacts on our country. Some, like Al Gore, have impacted our social or political climate more after leaving office than when they were in office.
-Linda Brown; Deptford, N.J.

Remember Hillary

I could hardly believe it when I saw your cartoon of Hillary Clinton's "campaign headquarters" at the Alamo (The Buzz, March 8/15). Just days before the Texas primaries, I was in the ladies' restroom at the Alamo and a woman in a Hillary '08 T-shirt came in and started handing out fliers. Later, we saw Alamo security tell a group of about 15 people handing out Clinton fliers to leave, but about 30 minutes later I saw some of them going back in through another entrance, fliers tucked under their jackets.
-Katherine Fehl; Pittsburgh, Pa.

Photo taker, album maker

I had to laugh a little uncomfortably at myself while reading "Fighting over scraps" (March 8/15). When my family moved to New Orleans from Belfast, Northern Ireland, we could only have one suitcase each. We had precious few photos of our family and no aunts and uncles around telling family stories. Dad's death six years later left more untold stories. I became the photo taker and album maker long before stickers and alphabet fonts were available. It is important to tell my children (and myself) what the Lord has done for us.
-Susan Burlingham; Asheville, N.C.

Attitude is everything

I agree wholeheartedly that Christians should accept and respect all musical genres, regardless of whether or not we personally like the music ("Joyful noises," March 8/15). I think that musical style and abilities are not important to worshipping God. I believe that the importance lies in one's attitude of worship.
-Joey Clark; Colorado Springs, Colo.


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