Soul providers

"Soul providers" Continued...

Issue: "Save our cities," April 19, 2008

On home visits, Knapp takes Christian literature, as well as hygiene packets with items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap. He makes sure that patients are taking medicine correctly and that they have basic provisions like food and electricity. Some families don't have basic supplies, and Knapp often makes trips to local grocery stores. Volunteer churches sometimes help with electric bills and other needs, and Knapp recruits church members to help make home visitations.

He also talks with patients and families about deeper needs. "I go there to show Jesus Christ," he says. Spiritual needs run deep, Knapp has discovered, and many people are depressed, especially immigrants away from home and family. "They're lonely," he says. "They need some attention."

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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