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Issue: "Save our cities," April 19, 2008


State troopers in Connecticut have now possibly heard every excuse. When a trooper stopped a 1993 BMW, its driver, Justin Vonkummer of Millerton, N.Y., blamed his speeding on an Oreo cookie malfunction. According to state police, Vonkummer said he accidentally dropped an Oreo into his milk and was attempting to retrieve it when he lost control of his speed.

Fill in the blanks

Somebody get the Indian national rifle team some ammunition. Four years ago, India-hardly known for its Olympic prowess-pulled out a silver medal in double trap shooting in Athens. Now representatives of the would-be Olympians say they're fed up with budget cuts from the Indian government that have forced the shooting team to practice with blanks instead of live ammunition leading up to the summer games in Beijing. A spokesman for the National Rifle Association of India told Reuters the budget restrictions are undercutting a strong shooting team-possibly India's best chance to get a medal. The world's second-most-populous nation has won just four individual medals in Olympic history.

Seeing red

According to the law, Dustin Zebro wasn't doing anything wrong. But so far, the 18-year-old senior's school doesn't see it that way. The Wasau, Wis., teenager staged a party on March 1 at his home that every parent dreads: hordes of teens, drinking games, and a keg. Police were called to the party and arrived to find dozens of high-schoolers drinking from red plastic cups. But a funny thing happened: Nobody scattered, and when police began administering breathalyzer tests-90 in all-every kid passed. That's when police searched the keg to discover not beer, but a quarter barrel of 1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer. Zebro said his root beer party was designed to prove kids could have fun without alcohol, but also to make fun of the school for what he assumed would happen next. As soon as pictures of the teens at the party drinking from red cups hit Facebook, school administrators handed down extracurricular suspensions to Zebro and others. "They assumed there was beer in the cups," Zebro said.


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