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Issue: "Shattered dreams," April 5, 2008

Wake-up call

A Danbury, Conn., school is girding for a lawsuit from a 15-year-old pupil who claimed a teacher wronged him by waking him up as he slept through class last December. In documents filed in March with the city's clerk, an attorney for Vinicios Robacher claimed his client endured "very severe injuries to his left eardrum" when a teacher slapped her palm on the desk of the napping student.

Nobody's fools

Park officials at Blair Drummond Safari Park in the United Kingdom are a bit disappointed their robotic prey isn't exactly catching the fancy of bored lions they had hoped to stir into a frenzy. Despite the claims that the robotic device known as LionRover3 looks like small prey to the lions, the boxy apparatus with a rope-like tail doesn't seem to be catching on just yet. "Lions are intelligent animals and, if they are not sure about something, they will hang back until they know it's safe," a park spokesman said.

Long overdue

With over 100 years of fines at 10 Finnish pennies a week, a library in Finland would be within its rights to collect upwards of 520 markkaa (about $138) on a periodical checked out near the turn of the 20th century and returned just recently. A library in Southern Finland loaned out the copy of a 1902 volume from Vartija, a monthly religious periodical. But even if the library wanted to collect a fine, it wouldn't know who to seek: The volume was returned quietly and anonymously.


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