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Issue: "Shattered dreams," April 5, 2008

Faire warning

Gene Edward Veith's column, "Suicidal ideology" (Feb. 23/March 1), is an excellent summary of Mark Steyn's book, America Alone, which is a must-read for anyone who entertains a laissez-faire attitude about the creeping expansion of radical Islam.
-H. Eberhard Roell; Boulder, Colo.

Piling on?

I'm stunned by your characterization of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick as one of several "Losers in victory and defeat" (Feb. 23/March 1). Piling on Belichick for "running up the score" during the season and perceived poor sportsmanship in the Super Bowl is unwarranted. The blowouts were about preparing for hard-fought battles later in the season. And after his team missed a golden opportunity to finish the first-ever 19-0 season, did we expect him to toss a bouquet of roses in the Giants' direction?
-Tony Moninski; Prattville, Ala.


I'm a resident advisor at Union University and really appreciated the article ("Begin again," Feb. 23/March 1). It's so encouraging how God protected us in the midst of demolished buildings. A couch pinned one guy, but it saved him from getting crushed by debris. In another building, a board fell on a girl and saved her from a collapsed ceiling. The praise belongs to God alone.
-Caleb Helms; Jackson, Tenn.


WORLD cites Rick Love as international director of Frontiers ("Common word," March 8/15). Love was international director when he signed the Yale response to "A Common Word," but he resigned effective Dec. 31, 2007. Tim Lewis, the new international director of Frontiers, announced in a recent press release that he withdrew his signature from the Yale response "because I now see that my signature contributed to the misunderstanding that Frontiers endorses it as an organization."
-Bob Blincoe, U.S. Director, Frontiers; Pasadena, Calif.

A blessed period

David Bahnsen's excellent piece on "Retiring biblically" (Feb. 23/March 1) shows how Christians fail to recognize that we see retirement as a status symbol and a right. Our post-working "period of financial independence" is truly a blessed period when we can give back to a needy world using our God-given gifts and talents. There is no biblical basis for opting-out of productive society once our storehouses are full.
-Steven Diehm; Lumberton, N.J.


To Andrée Seu's column ("Where are the men?" Feb. 23/March 1) I say, "Amen!" How often we lose sight of the fact that we are often the cause of our own problems, and yet spend more time looking for someone to blame instead of repenting and asking God to show us our hearts.
-Tom Lawrence; Dayton, Ohio

Minefield poppies

I do not object to your movie reviews as some people do; they are helpful to determine what not to watch. If I'm going to pick poppies in a minefield, I want to know where the mines are.
-Alice Borg; Wrangell, Alaska


Richard Roberts resigned as president of Oral Roberts University more than six weeks after appearing on Larry King Live ("Back from the brink," Feb. 23/March 1, p. 74).

Mart Green announced on Jan. 31 that he had finalized a $70 million gift to Oral Roberts University ("Chronology of a comeback," Feb. 23/March 1, p. 74).

Greg Oden and Kevin Durant were selected in the 2007 NBA draft (Looking Ahead, March 8/15, p. 9).


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