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Issue: "The waiting game," March 22, 2008

As an inmate, I fully understand Peterson's situation. I am writing because you included a very much ignored member of our society. For you to print the column says to me that inmates are still people of worth, not only in God's eyes, but in the eyes of godly men and women as well. Thank you.
-Robert Casto; McAlester, Okla.

As advertised

WORLD's coverage has expanded not only in depth as was advertised, but in reach and diversity as well. As a 20-something Christian, I am very glad to see articles of such contemporary relevance and social/cultural significance, especially "Good from bad" (Feb. 9/16) regarding our society's view on homosexuality. My lone complaint is that I find it difficult to browse through each issue because I'm interested in reading almost every article in full.
-Lucas Walther; Pylesville, Md.

Even worse

Thanks to Janie B. Cheaney for continuing George Orwell's project (see his essay, "Politics and the English Language") of purging the English language of meaningless clichés and other verbal rubbish ("Waterboard that cliché!" Feb. 9/16). Cheaney suggests that over-reliance on clichés "flattens subtlety and discernment," but even worse, it allows us to be manipulated by anyone-preachers and pundits no less than politicians-who can string together enough empty slogans to win us over.
-Stephen Schuler; Golinda, Texas

The remaining question

I enjoyed the article about Abe Lincoln ("Pilgrim politician," Feb. 9/16). It was really encouraging and a very timely message about where our nation is today. The question remains: Are we being judged by God? There is nothing new under the sun, is there?
-Diane Berry Detmer; Taylors, S.C.

To the poor, not to hokum

Thanks for the article about how some of the disaster relief agencies are buying into the global warming hokum ("Disaster 24/7?" Feb. 9/16). I will be sure not to make any contributions to those listed in your article. I want my money to go for the relief of the poor and those in need, not to support some social-progressive agenda.
-Mike Stein; West Bend, Wis.


Chikumbuso Community Center is located in Zambia ("Picking up the pieces," Feb. 23/March 1, 2008, p. 72).


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