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Issue: "The other campaign," Feb. 9, 2008

Suddenly summoned

There she was, minding her own business, when suddenly Greeley, Colo., resident Rosalee Rice had a court date-an immediate one. With only 20 percent of the 200 people summoned for jury duty showing up on Jan. 16, judges and court administrators for the local district court dispatched workers onto the city's streets to hand out emergency summons for jurors. Rice, who complained she had to call and explain her bind to her boss after she was intercepted, was among the 50 picked by court employees. But her main gripe fell to the 160 potential jurors who never showed up: "As a resident, if you are summoned to go, you should go because it really interrupts everyone else's lives."

Pool perps

If someone shows up at a Woodbridge, N.J., area metal salvage depot with five trailers full of scrap stainless steel, police might like to know about it. Thieves broke into a storage area and stole a $500,000 stainless steel pool waiting to be constructed for Olympic time trials. Owners had broken down and stored the 50-meter by 30-meter pool in trailers as they waited to find a place to construct it.

Beaten and defeated

The next time Jason Brunelle feels like being a Good Samaritan, he says he'll think again. The 24-year-old Canadian man made a roadside stop near Calgary to help a man who seemed to be having engine trouble. When Brunelle stopped, the man rushed him and pulled him out of his car and then a few other men began beating Brunelle with large blunt objects (doctors suggested rebar rods). The beaten man managed to escape in a flurry of kicks and punches, make it to his car and speed off toward a hospital about an hour away. Doctors say Brunelle lost a half-gallon of blood during the encounter. "As callous and cold-hearted as it is to say, I just can't put myself at risk anymore," he said.


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