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Issue: "The Road to Cana," Feb. 23, 2008

Hold the grabbers

Pat Robertson's quote (Quotables, Jan. 12/19), that God told him that a terrorist attack in the United States in 2007 would lead to a mass killing, is alarming. Deuteronomy 18 is pretty clear about "prophets" who declare messages from the Lord that don't come to pass. While we don't put false prophets to death anymore, isn't it time we hold these headline grabbers accountable?
-Frank Nolton; Lodi, Calif.

Common-sense issue

When will politicians realize that showing I.D. to cast a vote is not a partisan issue but a common-sense issue ("Identification, please," Jan. 12/19)? If we can give away body organs on the back of a driver's license, there should be a place for "Registered Voter" on the front. I don't want someone to steal my vote.
-Abbie Kurti; Kalamazoo, Mich.

Confidence collapsed

Your article highlighting the fundraising tactics of Christian Children's Fund ("Bodies, not souls," Jan. 12/19) was timely and spot-on. After contributing to CCF since 1980, I became uneasy about five years ago and since then my confidence has collapsed. One reason was a letter from a sponsored child thanking me for a monetary gift and saying he used it to buy "a raincoat and a pair of Moslem clothes." I certainly don't begrudge the lad spending the money on clothing, Muslim or not, but such needs can be met by secular providers. I would have liked to see that CCF had used the name of Christ to influence the recipient, not just as a tactic bordering on fraud to induce contributors to give.
-Kenneth Tacoma; Cadillac, Mich.

That'll be the day

I appreciated Janie Cheaney's column regarding e-books ("Kindle that reading glow," Jan. 12/19). We've seen Star Trek technology become reality with the cell phone and personal computer, and I use internet-based Bible search programs. However, I cannot imagine a world without paper books. Can you imagine being unable to finish a chapter because of a dead battery? A library without shelves? I, for one, pray we never see that day.
-David M. Wilson; Redondo Beach, Calif.


Thank you for the article on Kid's Hope ("One on one," Jan. 12/19). For years we have been the only school in California to have the Kid's Hope program, but now some of the other schools in our district are in the process of getting it. This organization and the mentors have made a big difference in the lives of many of our children. Some of these students have completely turned around academically and socially, and they look forward to their weekly meetings with their mentors.
-Patricia James; Temecula, Calif.

Speaking up

I appreciate Michael Gerson's insistence that religious people should not be forced to shut up in politics, but his distrust of a completely free market concerned me greatly ("Religious people who won't shut up," Jan. 12/19).
-Elizabeth Johnston, 17; Martinsburg, W.Va.


The number of abortions in the United States in 1860 was probably about 160,000-as many in proportion to the population at that time as in the United States during the 1980s ("Choosing children over choice," Jan. 26/Feb. 2, p. 9).

The title of Mark Pinsky's book on Disney is The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust ("Faith, hope & pixie dust," Jan. 26/Feb. 2, p. 62).


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