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"Quick Takes" Continued...

Issue: "Signs and wonders," Jan. 26, 2008

Tangled web

Apparently open to any sort of public-relations boost, the United Nations has contracted with Spider-Man to embark on a mission to raise the image of the oft-ridiculed international organization. Beginning in 2009, Marvel will start printing Spider-Man comics depicting the hero fighting alongside UN peacekeepers. Former U.S. ambassador to the UN and frequent critic John Bolton called the move an "act of desperation. . . . You can have Spider-Man in a comic book all you want, but it's not going to change the public perception."

Not dead yet

Perhaps James O'Hare has watched Weekend at Bernie's one time too many. When his roommate Virgilio Cintron died of natural causes, the 65-year-old New Yorker and his pal David Dalaia dressed Cintron's corpse, loaded it into an office chair, and wheeled down Ninth Avenue to the Pay-O-Matic, hoping to pass Cintron off as alive long enough to cash his $355 Social Security check. But the corpse drew a crowd-including an on-duty detective having lunch next door. O'Hare and Dalaia were taken to a police stationhouse and charged with check fraud.

Taking matters into his own hand

Intent on prolonging his vacation, a Mexican boy from near Monterrey took extreme action to skip school: He used superglue to bind his hand to his bed. The 10-year-old's mother told the Mexican press she found the boy stuck to his bed and pleasantly watching television when she came to roust him before the opening of the spring semester. "I didn't want to go to school because vacation was so much fun," the boy reportedly told the Reforma newspaper.


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