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Issue: "The plots thicken," Jan. 12, 2008

Rating creep lives

The PG-13 rating for The Kite Runner ("Beyond the strife," Dec. 15), which includes the rape of a child, validates the claim that "rating creep" is alive and well. What will be next to move downward? Incest? Your review also stated that the rape scene was "tastefully done." You can't be serious.
-Steve Hansen; Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Prolific and deep

Not only was Charles Wesley prolific ("Oh, for a thousand tongues," Dec. 8), he was deep. Compared to another great hymn writer, Fanny Crosby, Wesley's hymns are all chock-full of propositional statements, orthodox theology, and red meat. The only reason he is not revered among the greats of 18th-century poetry is that his work was just so very singable, so very worshipful, and so very Protestant.
-Rob Sheldon; Huntsville, Ala.

Well done! We should all sing the works of Charles Wesley. It is good that his lasting music ministry be recognized.
-Becky Marchino; San Antonio, Texas

Depravity and discovery

Thank you for highlighting the progress being made in the field of non-embryonic stem-cell research (The Buzz, Dec. 8). It is a testament to the depravity of our society that many scientists ignore the amazing discoveries being made in that field; they would rather destroy human life despite the fact that testing on embryonic stem cells has yielded weak results.
-Victoria Stargel; Barbourville, Ky.

Pullman's good point

Regarding your review of The Golden Compass ("Broken compass," Dec. 8): Christian authors, especially those of children's books, would do well to heed the poignant imperative in this Philip Pullman quote: "'Thou shalt not' might reach the head, but it takes 'Once upon a time' to reach the heart."
-Peter Kushkowski; Portland, Conn.

Faith is not blind

Those students focusing on the idea of Christ as legend as an alternative to the tripartite approach ("Liar, lunatic, Lord?" Dec. 8) forget that the writings of ancient historians, such Josephus, provide evidence to support the Gospels. We should thank God that an evidential approach to apologetics gives us a foundation of fact and reason where we can meet atheists. Christians stand on faith in upholding Scripture, but faith is not blind.
-Jenica Leahy; Tampa, Fla.

Transforming love

Thank you for "Giving thanks for what Christians do" (Nov. 24). Clearly Christ is the reason so many of those touched by these ministries are able to walk away from discouragement into light. My association with the Bowery Mission is brief, but it reminds me that each life transformation is only by the grace of God. Thanks to all those at similar Christian organizations for their desire to see broken lives transformed through Christ's love.
-Jan Nagel; New York, N.Y.

Don't dance with Democrats

I believe that Joel Belz is exactly right ("Two left feet," Nov. 17). The idea of the Democratic Party, and the big-money people who control it, dancing with real Christians is absurd. The Lord Jesus is the great continental divide. The water flows to the right or to the left, there is no middle ground, and the Democratic Party has placed itself squarely to the left, whatever smoother-than-oil words its members may utter.
-Dick Muller; Oak Ridge, Tenn.


The director of The Kite Runner is Marc Forster ("Beyond the strife," Dec. 15, p. 12).


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