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Issue: "News of the Year," Dec. 29, 2007

I am encouraged that Huckabee is moving up in the polls, but I am concerned that his electability and "nice-guy" image for a tough job may work against him in the presidential race.
-S.M. Brown; Aledo, Ill.

While Hillary continuously reinvents herself, hopefully the voting public will not be deceived by her shameless posturing. The fact that she is willing to impose government control over our entire health-care system should motivate anyone to vote for anyone but her.
-Howard W. Busse; Twinsburg, Ohio

In an article that shed helpful light in so many other ways, Lynn Vincent's opening shots at Clinton's fashion evolution seemed neither respectful nor fair. What other candidate has had his hair style decisions for the past 15 years paraded for our examination? Would you have printed such a thing about any of the men?
-Frances P. Bennett; Stafford, Va.

Will history repeat itself, with conservatives again voting for a third party or staying home? We elected Bill Clinton in 1992 when we voted for Ross Perot. We should instead vote in the primary for one who can defeat Hillary Clinton and who upholds the Constitution.
-Altheda Steinbach; Lacey, Wash.

People seem so concerned about electing a president with certain religious beliefs. I would rather vote for a Mormon than a Muslim, and I would rather vote for a Muslim than Hillary Clinton.
-Bruce Anderson; Benson, Minn.

"Choice language" (Nov. 17) talks about Hillary Clinton changing her views on abortion. How do we know that she is not changing her language just to get votes from pro-lifers? I believe that once she is elected, she will denounce all that she said.
-Austin Eldridge; Hernando, Miss.

The day the 2004 election was over I started praying that Mike Huckabee would run for president. I believed then, and I believe now, that he is a man of integrity who would represent the people well. How can so many Christian leaders be afraid of endorsing a candidate who truly will represent positive spiritual values just because they think they have to go with a front-runner to win the election?
-Ginny Shaffer; Lincolnton, N.C.

Support the senator

Thank you for "Not private now" (Nov. 17) about Sen. Grassley's investigation into the financial practices of the ministries of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, and others. I support the senator in this effort, having read elsewhere about the misuse of donor funds by most of these people.
-Curt Karg; Idaho Falls, Idaho

Hole filled

As an impressionable teen, I considered Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged the epitome of everything I considered noble and righteous ("The hole in her universe," Oct. 27). I had no idea of where true righteousness came from or of Him who paid the price for it. Thanks to John Piper for the trip of correction down memory lane.
-Craig Pruitt; Texarkana, Texas

Choose wisely

Thanks for your timely piece on the earnings of college presidents ("The new robber barons," Nov. 24). As a parent of a 17-year-old son, I will petition God for wisdom as to which presidential candidate to support with my vote and which college president to support with my wages.
-Marcia W. Myers; Nixa, Mo.


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