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Issue: "Out from the shadows," Dec. 22, 2007

No more NOVA

I watched most of the NOVA propaganda about Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism ("Science fiction," Nov. 17) before I turned it off in disgust. I have not seen a more biased and dogmatic presentation of the purported failures of Intelligent Design.
-Matthew Peisker, 17; Cedar Park, Texas

Drowning does damage

Regarding waterboarding ("In deep water," Nov. 10), the individual is actually drowning. The lungs are filling with water and the body is dying from lack of oxygen. And I don't like that some possibly innocent individuals were kidnapped in "free" countries (outside of Iraq and Afghanistan) and subjected to this treatment in secret camps run by our government. We should listen to Sen. McCain.
-Michael McMullen; Alexandria, Va.


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