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Issue: "Out from the shadows," Dec. 22, 2007

What we don't want

With all of the "moral" candidates to choose from, and the lack of cooperative leadership from evangelical leaders ("House divided," Nov. 24), the conservative vote will split. That could hand the Republican nomination to the social liberal candidate Rudy Giuliani. Is this what any social conservative wants? Not me! Our leaders should get behind one of these candidates and help coalesce the social conservative vote.
-Cindy Carter; Eastsound, Wash.

What serious problem do many Christian leaders have with Mike Huckabee? Well, as a New Hampshire voter, I will not vote for Huckabee in the primary because of his record as Arkansas governor. The Cato Institute's "Fiscal Policy Report Card" gave him a "D" for his overall fiscal performance, and an "F" for his final two years as governor due to his proposals to increase taxes and spending.
-Steven Snow; Gilford, N.H.

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I am leaning towards either Romney or Huckabee because of their pro-life positions. If that makes me a "single issue voter," so be it. Although there are several important issues currently at stake, I believe that the single overriding one is that of life. If we vote on the basis of expediency or mere "electability," we will get what we deserve.
-Anthony R. Kopec; Eatonville, Wash.

Prominent evangelicals endorsing the likes of Giuliani and Romney? What are they thinking? Giuliani will have to swear an oath on the Bible to protect our country and he's already proven he's not able to keep an oath; he's reneged on two previous commitments to his two former wives. Romney is a cultist. How could any Christian possibly endorse him?
-George Mulvey; Tucson, Ariz.

It is extremely unwise to say you will vote for a conservative third-party candidate if Giuliani wins the Republican nomination ("Elephant in the room," Nov. 3). This is absurd if you oppose another Clinton administration. There is a much simpler way to prevent Giuliani's election: Encourage people to vote for a person like Huckabee in the primaries.
-Christopher Bonham; Farmington, N.M.

Stepping up

"Into the arms of God," in your cover story package ("Giving thanks for what Christians do," Nov. 24), was an excellent article. I am very pleased that Christians have stepped up to help the people of New Orleans.
-Austin Eldridge; Hernando, Miss.

Fear not the IRS

Regarding "Hot debate over free-speech 'chill'" (Nov. 24), we must never forget the words of Jesus and let something as worldly as federal tax status silence His words. If the Holy Spirit is guiding a church to speak on matters of faith, it must, regardless of the tax implications.
-Jim Fedako; Lewis Center, Ohio

No global Joe

Although there have been rumors that, as you state ("Global Joe," Nov. 24), the GI Joe team will become an international entity based out of Brussels for the movie, Hasbro recently released a letter to the fans of GI Joe dispelling these rumors and confirming that the movie will remain true to the original comic series.
-Alex Kovaka; Corydon, Ind.

The market will speak

I appreciated Joel Belz's column on the failure of the Utah school-voucher program ("Gloomy outlook for vouchers," Nov. 24). One has to wonder under what circumstances the state education monopoly could ever be broken. However, we can take heart. Across America, millions are voting with their feet and choosing educational alternatives for their children: at home, in private schools, and in Christian schools. As parents choose educational alternatives that work, the market will speak and break the stranglehold of the NEA.
-Michael J. Kane; Portland, Ore.

Calling back

Joel Belz is simply wrong that United Methodism "characterizes the antievangelical spirit" ("Two left feet," Nov. 17). No doubt there has been a long struggle between evangelical and liberal Methodists over the direction of our church. However, evangelicals, by the grace of God, are calling United Methodism back to its biblical roots.
-Mike Childs; Louisville, Miss.

The better choice

As a long-term out-of-state volunteer in Katrina recovery in southern Mississippi, I find that Gov. Barbour displays his Christian faith by implementing programs that help the citizens of Mississippi get back into houses ("Saved by faith?" Nov. 17).
-Kenley Leslie; Bay St. Louis, Miss.

A just government

It is good to see WORLD recognizing the inadequacy, and even danger, of a U.S. foreign policy based on promoting democracy around the world ("Dictatorship or 'democracy'?" Nov. 17). In many countries the democratic process is corrupted. But even when it works properly, democracy, like politicians, tends to promise more than it delivers. A just government promotes freedom, but also the rule of law, the security of property, and respect for minority rights. To establish a just government requires more than a written constitution and democratic procedures. It often requires an extensive transformation of culture and worldview. For this task, the work of Christian missionaries is more important than that of diplomats and soldiers.
-Russell Board; Saitama City, Japan


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