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Issue: "Daniel of the Year," Dec. 15, 2007

That woman

Excellent cover story on the Democrats' leading candidate ("Most likely to succeed," Nov. 17). Some people may threaten to cancel subscriptions for putting "that woman" on the cover. But, if this is an indication of the analysis you plan to do with the biweekly issues, I appreciate the thought, balance, and journalistic skill, as well as how you applied a biblical worldview in your examination of Hillary Clinton.
-Robert Blundell; San Gabriel, Calif.

Hillary Clinton is a shrewd chameleon. She is crafty, head-strong, and dangerously bent on the presidency by any means. Her presidency would be disastrous for America and our freedoms.
-Robert Mohorko; Shiocton, Wis.

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I was very disappointed in "Reinventing Hillary." How is it that a woman's hair style and appearance are such points of criticism? I would hope that a woman of presidential caliber would learn something about hair and makeup over 30 years. Also, your article was very short on evaluating issues. The fact that Hillary has been involved in so many investigations (and acquitted) may only indicate that she has many enemies.
-Christina Wilson; Westlake Village, Calif.

I am sick and tired of all the campaigning and of hearing every little detail about the candidates and their campaigns. I, for one, have tuned it out and will not consider the candidates until next year, when it will mean something.
-Gail Gaeser; Fremont, Mich.

Likeable from the start

Thanks for the article on Gov. Mike Huckabee ("Huckabee season," Nov. 17). I liked him from the start, as he seemed like the only Republican I can vote for based on what he said outside an election year; he has a consistent conservative record.
-Christopher Cooper; Tucson, Ariz.

In 1980 I refused to consider Ronald Reagan in the primary because I didn't believe he would be electable in the fall. I am thankful that many others disagreed. Couldn't it be the same with Huckabee?
-Andrew Hulce; Holland, Mich.

Go get 'em, Grassley

At first I thought your statement that a televangelist named Creflo Dollar was being investigated for financial excesses was a joke ("Not private now," Nov. 17). Those evangelists will find that explaining to Sen. Grassley why they need luxury million-dollar homes, private jets, expensive cars, and a $23,000 commode will be nothing compared to when they have to explain all this to God someday.
-Cindy Kwitchoff; Falls Church, Va.

As a pastor of a congregation that can often be the victim of misleading teaching from these six mega-money ministries, I have one thing to say: Go get 'em, Sen. Grassley.
-Van Morris; Mt. Washington, Ky.

Ashes to lumps

Tom Pfingsten's report on the Rice fire in Fallbrook, Calif., put a huge lump in my throat ("Not a trinket left," Nov. 17). When I got to "50 years of recipe cards" turned to ash, I lost it completely.
-Elizabeth Zane; Greenville, S.C.

It is wonderful what this church, The Rock, did for the people of San Diego ("Tested by fire," Nov. 17). When I read about the Nissleys and Nancy Zadrozny, my heart was overwhelmed with their generosity and love toward people they didn't even know.
-Michael Roten; Parkersburg, W.Va.

Telling the truth

I cannot agree more with Christopher Hitchens that it is immoral to lie ("The silver age of freethought," Nov. 17). We only disagree about what is true and what is a lie. That is where the real debate lies, and Hitchens' statement adds nothing to it. I will not lie to my children. I tell them the truth: There is a God who loves us and sent His Son, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, to rescue us from our sins.
-John Cogan; Farmington, N.M.

Christopher Hitchens is an angry man, denouncing Christianity as a "ghostly cult" and an "unalterable dictatorship." If God wanted to force us into a posture of gratitude, He could do so, yet we are free to rage against Him. That "vicarious redemption" is the most awesome evidence of love imaginable. We "poor victims" of such love should pray fervently for the likes of Christopher Hitchens.
-Jerry W. Peach; Fowlerville, Mich.

Bringing renewal

Joel Belz referred to the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ as "anti-evangelical" ("Two left feet," Nov. 17). As president of the UM renewal ministry Good News, I suggest that we evangelicals within the denomination see ourselves as much more orthodox than the United Church of Christ. Our two recent General Conferences supported the biblical view of homosexuality by large majorities. We have hundreds of strong UM churches winning persons to Christ and discipling them in the faith. We have more work to do, for sure, but God is at work bringing renewal and reform.
-James V. Heidinger II; Wilmore, Ky.


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