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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Not angry anymore," Dec. 1, 2007

Water wars

Joel Belz hit the bull's eye regarding the impending water wars ("God's big spigot," Nov. 3). I am from Florida and this has been looming large for over a decade in our state and it is getting worse. States are fighting states, counties are fighting counties, and cities are fighting cities, and no viable solutions have yet come to the surface. With continued growth in the Sun Belt, the fighting will continue for some time.
-Greg A. Meyer; Orlando, Fla.

Stuff of delight

I read "The Right Stuff" (Nov. 3) with delight. While my family cannot imagine what I see in my dreamy artist husband, at night I rest so peacefully knowing that whatever happens in life, my hard-working husband will get us through it. Thank God that this life is about glorifying God with your talents and working hard to be the best steward of your God-given gifts so you can provide for your family.
-Amy Cefalo; Little Rock, Ark.

At least pray

The Nov. 3 issue really ministered to me. Particularly, I was thankful for the review of Bella ("A film apart"). My wife and I saw it last night and agreed with your strong recommendation. And the adoption article ("Twelve is not enough") was poignant. Although we've never considered adoption, this article leads us at least to pray about it.
-Steven & Leanne Presley; Opelika, Ala.

Four more cents

Thank you for "Our 2 cents' worth" (Oct. 27). I would add that the amount we give that goes to reach those who have never heard the gospel, over a quarter of the world's population, is a tiny fraction of overall missions giving; some estimate that figure to be 0.12 percent. This speaks of priorities in need of drastic realignment. God help us never to be comfortable with such a travesty.
-Merl Mangum; Raleigh, N.C.

I was on our Episcopal church's vestry and found it very interesting that to maintain the church facility and pay our ministers and fund local events requires 90 percent or more of the church budget. If we each gave just a tiny bit more, our church could increase our monetary outreach significantly. This knowledge has led me to contribute more in small ways. It has also helped me determine to continue giving to religious-based charities that are not affiliated with maintaining a church.
-Julie Williams; Newberry, Fla.

Dangerous WORLD

You have made WORLD unsafe to bring into my home. I am very upset that my children could have been exposed to trash such as the description of the online perversions in "Get a life" (Sept. 22). "Growing up Schaeffer" (Oct. 13) left me sick, too. I will not be desensitized. We will not have this magazine in our home again.
-Brent Nelson; Spring Hill, Tenn.

I appreciate how much your magazine has helped me form a deeper and wider view of my culture and the cultures of the other countries in the world. It has also awakened my interests in the world around me. Our self-centered culture magnifies what we can do for ourselves, but I believe, and have seen in your magazine, that we should also be concerned about and praying for those outside ourselves-even those people, events, or things in distant, far-off lands.
-Bethany Morton, 17; Jasper, Texas


The activist group Judicial Watch used raw data not compiled into a study to link the HPV vaccine Gardasil to deaths ("Fatal flaw?" Nov. 10, p. 37).


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