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Issue: "Giving thanks," Nov. 24, 2007

Divine vs. destructive

Thank you for an excellent issue. Atlas Shrugged is also, for me, an influential text ("The hole in her universe," Oct. 27). I am awed by Rand's amazingly accurate depiction of socialism's devastating effects on a once-free market. "Luther vs. Lenin" (Oct. 27) brought out Luther's opposition to the destructive realities of communism; Rand confronts us with compelling economic truths. Wrestling with Lenin and Marx helps us see of what base material fallen man is made. But only Luther's focus on Christ alone can give us a divine framework where we can place human wisdom into its proper place.
-Brenda Griffith; Vista, Calif.

I grew up in a godless home where God's name was not allowed and personal autonomy was worshipped. So when I read Ayn Rand's strong gospel-"Be the captain of your own destiny"-at age 19, I just ate it up. Atlas Shrugged, plus The Fountainhead, strengthened my agnostic position so that I resisted God's Holy Spirit until I was 32 years old. Upon reflection, I found that her work had a very destructive effect in my life.
-Dick Robinson; Roswell, Ga.

Bad to worse?

I'm a junior in high school. The thought of Phil Mitchell being fired from the University of Colorado for his beliefs ("Campus cleansing," Oct. 27) in 2007 is bad enough; with the upcoming election I believe it will only be worse for those of us who want to be standing for Christ six years from now.
-Jared Stevens; Parkersburg, W.Va.

God of Abraham?

Cal Thomas ("The same God?" Oct. 27) says that Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God because Muslims deny the divinity of Jesus. But would Thomas also argue that our Jewish brothers and sisters, who also reject the Trinity, do not worship the God of Abraham?
-Michael Walter; Auburn, Ind.


The Nobel Peace Prize selection committee has been hijacked by left-wing extremists who have disregarded the original intent of the benefactor. This year's winner, Al Gore, awarded for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth (Quotables, Oct. 27), is just another example.
-Jared Harold; Naples, Fla.

Such a time as this

When will we realize that applying a secular solution to a religious problem will never work ("Mission: Impossible?" Oct. 13)? I have grown accustomed to this level of naïveté from our European leaders, even the much-loved Tony Blair, but I believed that President Bush, and certainly the very smart and well-informed Condi Rice, would be aware of the true situation. Islam divides the entire world into regions under and those not under Islamic law. We should have figured this out, given your 9/11 and our 7/7 attacks. When will we in the West learn that the only solution to the Israel/Palestinian issue Islam will accept is the extinguishing of Israel? I despair for our poorly advised politicians, and even more so for poor Israel.
-Stephen Wright; London, United Kingdom


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