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Issue: "Reinventing Hillary," Nov. 17, 2007

As an aspiring author of Christian fiction myself, I found Marvin Olasky's critique of contemporary Christian fiction to be right on the money. While I would love to write novels such as The Pilgrim's Progress or The Chronicles of Narnia, I have come to realize that writing fiction that simply glorifies God, without stuffing it full of theology, should be my ultimate goal.
-James Swinarton; Tucson, Ariz.

Too cool, too warm

I was disappointed by your negative review of Elizabeth: The Golden Age ("Cross out," Oct. 20). I found it to be a well-acted, well-made, fairly accurate historical drama that contained far less objectionable content than most films intended for mature audiences today.
-Linnea Peckham; Milford, Pa.

I read with amazement your review of Friday Night Lights ("A town, a team, and a dream," Oct. 20). We pulled our son from his possible role as an extra in local filming of the show last season after watching a couple of episodes. I would not describe the show as a "rare gem" based on the trash I have seen.
-Susan Peisker; Cedar Park, Texas

Gold has she none

Marion Jones may have forfeited all her gold, silver, and bronze medals for her attempts to be a champion on the field in the Olympics, but she's now a champion in completely confessing what she did and admitting that the responsibility is all hers ("Coming clean," Oct. 20). In doing this she is an example for those looking for a short cut to fame and fortune.
-Bill Dickson; O'Brien, Fla.

Clear choices?

I have admired James Dobson since the late 1970s but was taken aback by his attitude toward Republican candidates and especially talk of support for a third party ("A shot across the bow," Oct. 13). There are other issues besides abortion very important in the 2008 election: National security and terrorism, national sovereignty, immigration, health care, and our stance toward Israel are but a few. Are we going to let the Clintons get their hands on these issues for four or maybe eight years?
-Bonnie R. Furman; Shippensburg, Pa.

I am in full agreement with Dobson: I will not vote for any candidate who supports abortion, same-sex marriage, or taxation without end. Up until a week ago I was in a quandary, but with Dobson's announcement it is clear to me. If both Republican and Democratic candidates support grievous things I passionately oppose, what have I to lose by voting for a write-in candidate who opposes them as well?
-William & Junean Eaton; Brooklyn Park, Minn.

I read with perplexity Dobson's warning. Why is he not leading the charge to elect Huckabee and put him in top-tier position now before it is too late? It is tiring to hear people bemoan the lack of a good slate of candidates when the current contenders offer clear choices on the many issues.
-Rhonda Joyner; Smithfield, Va.


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