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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Elephant in the room," Nov. 3, 2007

Twisted minds

The article about abortionists using legal lethal injections troubles me ("Deadly substitute," Oct. 6). What twisted minds we have in our society! I wonder how many of these same states won't execute criminals using lethal injections because it is inhumane?
-Renny Gazy; Baltimore, Md.

The true Spirit

Since our bodies were designed to be temples of the Holy Spirit, I can see that there might be specific reactions in our bodies to the Holy Spirit ("Mind over matter," Oct. 6). Part of my conversion process was an experience of the Holy Spirit. He was a different spirit from that which I experienced in eastern religions, although perhaps if I were wired up at those times by researchers no difference would have been discerned in my brain between the experiences of the True God and the false spirit.
-Jeff Alexander; Visalia, Calif.

What does it mean to be a person? What is the relationship of the brain to the mind/soul and how does our increasing knowledge of the brain's activity shape our understanding of personhood? As neuroscience reveals more about the brain and its capabilities, questions and issues related to who we are are likely to become an increasing focus of debate both within the Christian community and outside it. Without an opportunity to learn how to integrate neuroscience and a Christian worldview, the next generation of Christian young people may be left trying to constantly retrofit their theology to new discoveries in neuroscience.
-Ralph E. Davis; Orange City, Iowa

Heads up

I went to The Jane Austen Book Club because your review stated that this "might be one of the sweetest, best-written movies this year" ("Clever club," Oct. 6). I am perplexed as to why you neglected to mention the somewhat startling lesbian relationships in the movie. And you stated the PG-13 rating was for language, but the rating was for "mature thematic material, sexual content, brief strong language and some drug use." I would expect WORLD to provide a better heads-up about subject matter clearly contrary to Scripture.
-Jeannette Davenport; Essexville, Mich.

Your exceptional article about the upcoming movie The Golden Compass (Spotlight, Sept. 22) was right: Parents need to be prepared to discuss this perilous movie with their children. Aimed at children, books like His Dark Materials try to undermine the Christian values so carefully taught them by their parents. Is there any good modern fantasy/fiction left?
-Mary Kizior; Newark, Ill.

Duty and delight

Delight can be found in everything we do and experience ("The uselessness of delight," Sept. 22). My job is labor intensive, sometimes injurious, and always wearisome, yet I delight in the ability to shelter and protect my family. I delight in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, going to movies with my children, and the hummingbirds sipping nectar from the feeder as I sit on the deck with a beverage. Is duty ever to be put on hold? Is delight? They are intertwined, and the more I know God the more they become one and the same.
-Rich Reis; Mill, Ky.

Count some votes

It's fascinating to watch the Democratic National Committee threaten to ignore the delegates elected in primaries from states like Michigan and Florida ("States of confusion," Sept. 15). The states simply want to move up their state's primary date so they have more of a say in choosing a presidential nominee. Whatever happened to the Democrats' mantra of "count every vote"? Can you say "hypocrite"?
-Ken Vasquez; Chino, Calif.


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